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When people ask their lawyer for advice they tend to assume that whatever the lawyer says must be the best option. But, is your family’s future something a lawyer can give the ‘right’ advice about?

Consider that a lawyer would give quite different ‘advice’ if she or he had the other parent as a client, and different version if she or he was the legal advocate for your kids! That’s why it doesn’t make sense to rely solely on your lawyer to guide your separation process.

We have seen so many separated parents in anguish because they know that the steps they are taking – based on legal advice – has amped-up the conflict, increased distrust, added to the emotional burden on both parents and the kids, and left everyone feeling disempowered.

Please be savvy and ask your lawyer for suggestions or options rather than advice. A good Family Lawyer will understand that what you are after is sound information which you will consider carefully in order to make a decision or a proposal.

Parents and kids deserve to be fully encouraged to explore less-legal alternatives, including a ‘wrap-around’ approach, which your entire family can access for guidance, coaching and support , so over time you feel empowered, and much more able to deal calmly with managing your family’s changed situation.

Photo by Nik MacMillan on Unsplash