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Rainbow Families

Because it wasn’t a piece of cake to be a couple, get married, have kids and be a family, it can be even tougher for rainbow families going through separation. Our approach is child-inclusive, non-adversarial, and all about guiding families to come up with agreements and plans that a practical and sustainable.
We appreciate you may have multiple parents involved in care arrangements, kids with a different parent, financial considerations that need to be factored in for this to work well. We also appreciate you’ve already done things a bit outside the box up until now, and may prefer to go through this process with professional support and guidance from practitioners who offer an ‘alternative to legal’ and operate in a creative way.
We cover all the bases thoroughly though, so that any agreements requiring legal check-ins and sign-offs are sorted via our non-adversarial, rainbow-friendly lawyers. We actively seek out Rainbow Family advocates to mentor and guide us, and in turn, we want to advocate for Rainbow Families.