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Step by Step Support for Separated Families.
We are dedicated to healthy family separation.
We’ll help you manage your family’s redesign, saving money, time and energy for what matters most – your future and your kids’ futures.


You don’t need to spend your precious family finances getting lawyers to sort things out.


Kids deserve to be protected from conflict – not caught in the middle. They count on their parents to build a secure emotional base.


Agreements which help parents communicate and negotiate are more workable than legally imposed orders.

Parents who work towards peace for their children’s sake get to share that peace themselves.

Your relationship breakdown doesn’t need to be a ‘family’ breakdown.

We know from first-hand experience that family separation can be an upheaval, a big change, and a tough journey at times.

We also know it can turn out OK for everyone.

If you both agree you want to do what’s best for the kids, stay out of court and avoid clocking up legal bills, you’ve made a good start.

Our job is to help you realise those goals, taking it Step by Step.

It is normal to worry you’ll get tangled up or lose your way.

There’s a lot to sort out when you separate – your children, your ex, finances, home, schools, work, what your life will look like now. We provide a clear roadmap for the journey, with reassurance, encouragement, and practical guidance each step of the way. You’ll be able to chart your own course, towards the future your family deserves. Read more…

Kids don’t want ‘ex’ parents

We help parents be clear and confident to work out how to meet their kids’ needs in the best possible way.

Everyone in the family has a voice. We work with both parents and do a check-in session with the children.

Our approach helps parents move on from the ‘breakup’, focus on the kids, and strive for workable parenting and financial agreements.

Our legal and financial associates keep things non-adversarial.

When I look back at where we were 12months ago and where we are now, we are in a much better place. We can finally talk about the kids and help each other out in a friendly way.

Step by Step Support client

One separation service – All of your family, all of your needs

Our suite of services caters to all your needs, covering financial and parenting agreements, legal check-ins and sign-offs.

We work with the whole family via our truly child-responsive, inclusive process.

You avoid costly and stressful adversarial setbacks.

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Step by Step Support for Separated Families covers Melbourne, Geelong, Regional Victoria and Interstate