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Financial Mediation

For most people it becomes tricky to talk about finances after separation.

Maybe that’s why they assume the only way is to hand it all over to the lawyers?

The hitch is that a lawyer’s bill for a Property Settlement could be anywhere between $10 000* for an ‘amicable’ version, and $30-$50 000* if it goes to court.


Our Financial Mediation process

We find many people aren’t aware they have the option to work out their financial affairs with a trained mediator.

With our service, you save time and money by taking a ‘mutual’ approach. You are both fully involved in the process and work jointly through the issues and options to reach an agreement.

Kids or no kids

We’ve found that whether it is a couple with no dependants, or parents with kids, there are common misconceptions about financial agreements that can add unnecessarily to the stress.

We know how challenging it is to face a different financial future to the one you had in mind, and it’s even harder if one person in the relationship was maybe more financially-savvy than the other, or there were differences in incomes and superannuation.

And when people go online to research their options, they often just end up more confused.

We can answer your questions about selling or staying at the property, superannuation splits, businesses, inheritances, child-support, school fees, the legal options for a water-tight agreement etc.


Our legal and financial associates keep things non-adversarial and cover all the bases including:

  • independent legal / financial advice regarding your Financial Agreement
  • Superannuation splits (optional)
  • Preparing Binding Agreements or Consent Orders
  • Transfer of titles/property
  • Post separation financial planning