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Step by Step provides a suite of services customised to each individual family’s situation and needs. 

We offer both an hourly rate and fixed fee. At your initial meeting with us we provide an estimate of which will be better value for you.

Browse the options below and contact us to find out more.


Uncomplicated / 'light-going'
We’re mainly on the right track and we can resolve differences amicably 

hourly rate or fixed fee

We could be doing so much better; there are some significant issues and communication is unpredictable / challenging

hourly rate or fixed fee


Stuck and difficult
A significant breakdown in communication and agreeing about what’s best for the kids. We’re not able to move forward in a healthy way.

hourly rate or fixed fee


Situation Snapshot

Here’s where we’re at now. Here’s where we’d like to be. How do we do this in the best possible way for the kids, and not spend huge amounts of money with lawyers?

Your initial session. We see each parent separately

$375 per person  (1.5 hrs)


How do our prices compare with lawyers..?



Using lawyers, a simple, easy, amicable separation will cost each parent an absolute minimum of $5000. Read more

Step by Step’s Light package provides much more guidance for your family and you’ll save money.



A lawyer-led process involving negotiations to work out differences which does not proceed to court will still cost each parent an average of $10,000. Read more

Or, you can invest in an option tailor-made for your family, saving an enormous amount of money, time and stress, and staying clear of the legal system.



If you go to court, expect to pay between
$30 000 to $100 000 each
for 2 lawyers, barristers, family reports, adjournments, lengthy delays, and ultimately what the legal profession refer to as a ‘lose-lose’ outcome. Read more

Step by Step’s approach addresses roadblocks and parental conflict to attain a workable Parenting Agreement, minimising costly and protracted legal complications.