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Step by Step Support caters to all your needs – financial and parenting agreements, legal check-ins and sign-offs, independent financial advice.

We work with the whole family and keep the focus on the kids.

You avoid costly and adversarial setbacks.

Definitely money well spent when compared with lawyers fees. Now I’m seeing more of the kids and there was no court involved. My solicitor is impressed, especially as you keep things so positive.

Step by Step client

Stepping in

Situation Snapshot

Welcome and meet.
Provide an overview.
Share your concerns.

You come away with:

  • options to keep costs down and avoid legal stress
  • a road map for reaching a child friendly parenting agreement
  • an assessment of your family’s needs
  • starter strategies for co-parenting

Parenting / Financial
Immediate Appointment

Stepping through

Reaching Agreement

Constructive conversations.
Positive responses to roadblocks and challenges.
Listening to and including the children’s voice.
Taking steps forward.

You come away with:

  • child-responsive parenting / financial arrangements
  • skills and coaching for co-parenting
  • road-tested options – less stressful than agreeing up front
  • workable agreements

No Waiting Time

Stepping out

Finalising agreement

A healthy foundation for the future providing a secure and stable base for your children.

You come away with:

  • mediation certificate
  • streamlined processing of agreements and legal documentation by our qualified associates

Parenting / Financial