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It’s modern reality that many marriages don’t make it. But let’s get with the times and stop referring to separation and divorce as a family breakup or family breakdown. It can be a very tough journey, a massive upheaval, but also turn out OK for everyone.

In this day and age, we urge parents to take an entirely common-sense view and focus on working at a new way of being a family – it’s your family’s ‘makeover’ or redesign. (Wouldn’t you rather be on that reality TV program than the one where you’re trapped on the island of anger, blame and revenge?)

Co-parenting is where Mums and Dads agree on a workable way of sharing the job of being ‘pilots’ and navigating the changes and the challenges for their kids. It doesn’t mean we agree to have the kids 50-50. It means we’ve committed to work through our differences because our kids deserve to have both of us in their lives, in a way that isn’t stressful for them.

Family Lawyers can’t really assist you with a Parenting or Financial Plan which is about parents ‘working together’. For that you’ll need an option that caters to the needs of your whole family, including checking in with your kids.