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Involve the kids

If you want the best for your kids you’ve come to the right place.

If there’s anything that distinguishes us – ‘kids’ is it! It’s the essence of what we do. The fundamental core of Step by Step’s child-inclusive process is motivating and upskilling parents to focus their discussions on their kids. It provides tools for working through communication challenges and empowers Mums and Dads to strive for a workable version of co-parenting.

What we have learnt

Family separation brings huge change.

Yes, kids need to be protected from parental conflict and parent’s emotional stuff. But it’s also vital you can really listen to your children, even if it is hard to hear, and use your parenting power for good.

Kids want their parents to ‘sort things out’, and be prepared to deal with the tough stuff, in the most caring and supportive way possible. When kids have to live according to a schedule of times, dates, places and rules set by ‘strangers’ they feel they are the ones being penalised for their parent’s separation.

So, despite the end of your adult relationship, kids shouldn’t have to lose their parenting team.

Kids do ok if their separated parents can:

  • Make arrangements for the kids that work with relative ease.
  • Consult with each other to make shared decisions about big things in their kids’ lives.
If our kids could tell us what they are really experiencing it might sound like this:

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