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FIXED FEE Separation and Divorce

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If it is time to separate, would you like to

separate the best possible way?

Support the kids and keep things amicable?

Avoid costly legal set-backs?

Welcome to Step by Step Support for separated families 

We are Family Separation Consultants and Mediators who are passionate about offering families a more mutual, inclusive way of working out Parenting and Financial Agreements.

 And when you need legal sign-offs, we collaborate with Family Lawyers who support this approach. Read more…..

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Dedicated to healthy family separation    


Saving you stress, money and time

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Why we are different

 We listen. We prioritise your needs and your children’s needs.

Our style and approach is an ‘alternative’ to legal.

We help you manage your family’s separation in a healthy way – to be more in control of the process, the costs and the outcomes. We know what you need at this time is:

  • Immediate appointments
  • Workable agreements and settlements for lower cost
  • Fast-tracked process
  • Fixed fees
  • Minimised legal services
What is the modern healthy way to separate and work out mutual, inclusive Parenting and Financial Agreements that save stress, money and time? Why does child-inclusive mediation help separated parents?


Our Financial Mediation saves you time and money by taking a mutual and transparent approach, jointly working through the issues to reach agreement. The legal check-ins and sign-offs are via Family Lawyers who are on board with doing things collaboratively.  Read more

If you want whats best for your kids, talk to us

We’ve specialised in this field for a decade now. We know what works and also what doesn’t. Read more

Our child-inclusive approach is at the heart of what we do. We upskill parents to work through communication challenges, stay focussed on the kids, and come up with a workable version of co-parenting. Read more


We understand every family is different 

Some families have 2 mums, or 2 dads, or 2 dads and 1 mum and so on. We specialise in workable, creative ‘outside-the-box’ solutions, customised to your family’s individual needs and situation. Read More


No waiting time

Online video appointments Australia-wide

After hour appointments

Fixed Fee Services

It is a difficult time, but the mediation process gave me confidence we could work it out. It was less daunting and I felt both of us were genuinely understood, supported and well guided.
Step by Step Support client

When I look back at where at the beginning of this and where we are now, we are in a much better place. We can actually talk calmly about the kids and help each other out in a friendly way.
Step by Step Support client

Would you like to talk to us about your family separation?

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